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Micah J. Carlson

Hey, I'm Micah!

I'm a native of Castle Rock, Colorado. I moved to the Hampton Roads at the beginning of 2014 for a duty assignment in the navy. Like many of the service members who move to the area, I've found that there are a lot of opportunities here, and I'm excited to be able to share my active duty perspective with potential future clients; both military and non-military.

While I still have five years left in the navy before retirement, I believe it's essential to plan for the future. Real estate is an exciting and interesting career. A mentor of mine (also a REALTOR® in Denver) gave me a great piece of wisdom: "Believe in the vision of clients and customers and, in turn, they'll believe in your ability to make their vision a reality."

Homes are generally the largest asset individuals and families buy or sell, and they're meant to be carefully evaluated for the benefit of the buyer and seller. Because of this, my mission is focused on integrity in the process, professionalism, and always complete honesty.

Vertical Real Estate is my dream job. Not only are the people great and knowledgable, but teamwork shines in the smiles of the firm's customers' faces. Everyone here has everyone's back, and that's the team our customers deserve.


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