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Tara Roberts

Tara is filled with energy, integrity and creativity. She will use all of her experience in many real estate fields to represent your interest with passion.  Raised in a historical community in North East Ohio, her love of architecture and restoration began at a very early age. Her interest in home remodeling leads her to become co-owner of a successful construction business in her home town. She began her career in real estate as a property manager in the vacation rental market after moving to the Outer Banks in 2004. Her transition to real estate sales was a natural progression which leads her back to her passion for houses. She can now help others realize their dreams by doing what she loves passionately.  

Tara is devoted to her family which includes her husband Kelly who is also a real estate broker, her son Zane who is the youngest of 4 children, and several beloved pets. She is an athlete by nature and loves shooting hoops, playing soccer, jogging, riding bikes and hiking. She also loves sitting on the beach watching her husband and son body board. You can find her serving meals to the community youth each week at a local church ministry. She understands a home is a place to rest and enjoy the fruits of life. As your agent she will use her 20 years of experience in the building, rental and sales industries to help you with all aspects of your real estate transaction.

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